Tuesday, September 23, 2008

totally random

How many times a day are you asked "how are you" and someone actually cares? Really think about it. In my job almost everytime I answer the phone someone is asking and I TRUTHFULLY don't think any of the people asking care. Even people walking by me, "Hi, how are ya" don't think they really want to know. Very rarely are we asked that question and someone really wants to know. I want to pick a day, and every time I am asked that question answer it truthfully. Can you imagine?

How are you, well considering my 4 year old fought me tooth and nail about getting dressed, insisted that she should have sugar and donuts for breakfast, told me she only wanted her daddy to take her to school would I call him to back for her and then cried that I she would miss me when I was leaving her at school I'm great, oh well except that our power bill is high, water bill is going to double and money isn't growing on a tree in my back yard. CAN YOU IMAGINE if you said that or anything even remotely close?

Right now I tell people I'm awesome, and they say really you are, nope but if I keep saying that it has to be true eventually.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

why shy?

Abbie's so shy, I'm not sure why. Ok, well maybe her mom & dad are shy. My friends don't believe me when I say that, but obviously they don't remember when they first met me, not when they first got to know me, but when they first met me. When I first started working with you, or seeing you at Abbie's school, or where ever it is I know you from. Really I am shy. I'm slow to warm up but once I'm warmed I'm hot. Rick is the same way, well unless you are holding a transmitter, then he doesn't care. But even people who have known him for years sometimes haven't heard him string together more than 5 or 6 sentences at a time. However, if you get to know him and get him talking about something he's interested in, he WON'T SHUT UP.

I think I missed out on a lot sitting back and doing nothing. How many things in highschool or college or since then could I have done better at if I was willing to jump right in. Even now, there are things I'm not doing or am not doing well enough because I'm hesitant.

I'm not sure why, we are just like that. And now so is Abbie. It hurts me to watch her in a new situation, something she REALLY wants to do but I can't help her do. I know I can't always help her, or be there next to her all the time, but it's so hard to know she wants to do something, but she's just not there yet. She's started dance. REALLY wants to go every Saturday, but then gets there and she can hardly join the circle. My dance teacher, joining was not a choice. We always said if we died before the next class prop us up next to the piano cause Audrey wasn't having any of that missing class stuff! Abbie's teacher is gentle and soft and doesn't make the kids do anything. Well a little of that is fine, but Saturday she didn't do ANYTHING with the rest of the class, and from what I could tell the teacher didn't even bother to try. I understand she's the shy one, I get it, really I do however I've worked with other "shy" ones and a little goes a long way. But with $30 for a six week session what can I expect.

So I know there's not a lot of comments, but what are your suggestions. Did you have a shy one? What did you do. It's not just dance, it's playing at the playground, with kids of friends, anywhere there are kids she doesn't really know. It's not just kids, cause I see LOTS of kids who just jump right in. She is the only one in her class who sits on the side. I just don't want her to miss out.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Did I tell you all I made bagels? Garlic & Onion this time. Next time I think I'll make 1/2 sweet 1/2 savory. I had NO idea how easy they would be to make! Enjoy

Also, check out the dinner Abbie made AND ATE. Salmon patties, who'd a thunk she'd eat that. She's been living on cereal and yogurt lately, but turns out if we let her make it she eats it!

that's not him

So we decide, ok I decided it was time to go back to church. I mentioned it and Abbie was shocked at the thought we could actually go to church, so I figured it was time. Well we went yesterday. The left overs of Ike were over head and we got SOAKED. I figured God was just shocked Rick was with us :) Anyway I dropped them off and when I was running in the down pour I dropped my keys in a puddle that was so deep they floated UNDER A CAR. So in the POURING rain I'm not quite on my knees trying to balance my purse, Abbie's back pack, the umbrella and something else to dig my keys out. I got them and got inside.

Abbie was really very good, I was glad. She was curious about many things and whispered a lot of questions. Then I noticed her looking at the crucifix over and over and over, so finally she whispered in my ear "Mommy that's not Jesus Christ it doesn't look at all like him" I guess she was looking for the long brown hair guy.

Then when he talked about remembering those of us who have gone before us to heaven, or what ever the line is, Abbie said pretty loud, Mommy he knows JoAnn and your Grandpa. Funny the things kids hear and remember. Brought tears to my eyes, but reminded me we were in the right place.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Have you met Abbie? Have you spent any time in her presence when there is music around? She loves to dance right? So I watched for the parks district catalog to come out, they had a dance class that fills right away every time and I managed to be a responsible mommy and get her signed up. We got the shoes, explained what the heck a leotard was, added tights and a matching skirt and she was ready. She had her first class Saturday. I checked to make sure we could watch, sure they said, they were wrong. There's a little window about 12 inches wide and trust me 20 parents don't all fit. anyway, grandma and I left her there for the class and were back before it was over. She looked like she had fun. We played at the playground until some girl told her she shocked her and then we went home. Plastic slides, dry air are apparently not a good combo.

Anyway, in the car on the way home I said so did you have fun. No I don't like dance and I don't want to go back EVER. Ok, chalked it up to being tired? Later I asked her more about it and she said it was boring and she didn't like listening to the teachers voice. LOVELY. I'm not going to force her to do something she dislikes, really I won't, but she has to go back. We paid for the session and she can't just give up after one class.

She spent the week before the class with Grandma & Grandpa, who are wonderful. I'm hoping that she just wasn't ready to listen to the teacher after a week of loving grandparents who think she does almost no wrong. Let's face it who after a week of vacation wants to listen to anyone :)

She's going back on Saturday, it's not ok to give up after just one time right? Cross your fingers.