Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok, so something really stupid ticked me off today. Not even worth going into that's how childish and STOOPID it really is. I've never had a yard when I've been mad before, ok, for the last 11 1/2 months I have, but anyway. So I headed out with this little pointy tool, well the one in this picture is much nicer than mine, and for some reason they think it's worth 48 bucks, I think mine was a buck 99 (can anyone tell me why this one is 24 times more than mine?). Can I just tell you how much better it made me digging THOSE STUPID LITTLE THINGS OUT OF THE GROUND. I can't fix, change or even explain what happened today, but man I got rid of those dang dandelions, and because the empty lot next to us is full of them I think I have a summers worth of therapy ahead of me.

We had an ok weekend, big kids birthdays. They cleaned up on the cash! Little one has allergies from H E double hockey sticks, ended up with pink eye and home with me today. We had an ok day except for the gunk in her eyes and the fact that it was sunny, rainy, hailing and snowing all in the space of an hour or so!

chicken breasts, ground turkey, cereal and fruit bars are all cheaper at Sams. Milk, yogurt, canned veggies and a lot of other stuff cheapest at Aldis. Frozen fruit bars, fruit snacks and whole wheat pasta cheapest at Walmart. These are the things you learn when gas is $3.69 a gallon, gotta make that up some place. Oh and getting to St. Louis from here takes TWICE AS MUCH GAS WHEN THE WIND IS OUT OF THE WEST AT ABOUT A MILLION MILES AN HOUR.

Hope your day was as good as mine has ended up. Cross your fingers for not so much gunk in the eyes tomorrow and that the stupid thing from today is forgotten when I get up tomorrow.

Happy Birthday tomorrow Sarah Beth, Wednesday to Jackie (or else next week Jackie) and on the 8th to Kirk.

prayers to JoAnn and everyone else who needs them.

ps-- the best news of all? The tax return that the IRS "lost" the direct deposit info for? In the mail today!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I tell people that Abbie sits up late at night reading and they look at me like I'm a liar. Honestly she does. Just because she's not reading the words doesn't mean she's not reading. She knows the stories, she remembers any book we've read more than 2 times pretty much. Even the ones from the library that we've long since taken back. Mommy remember that book we had 4 legs bad 2 legs good with Orvie? Honest.

So tonight I go in to kiss her before I go to sleep and she's got 7 stuffed animals on her bed. Not circled around her, not piled up next to her pillow, but on books. Each animal is on a book just for them lying down. I'll ask her tomorrow but I'm confident she'll say that they wanted to read before they slept. She's also got one book opened, but pages down to her mattress so she doesn't lose her spot, and a 2 inch stack of books next to her pillow.

We threatened to take away her books because she wasn't sleeping, but of all the things in her room that's the only thing I think she would actually miss. I went through them to get rid of some of the "baby" board books we haven't read in AGES maybe since before moved here last year. She started picking them up and telling me about them one at a time without opening them. It was a stack of books that would have filled a large paper shopping bag, I didn't even remember them all. I've carried 2 bags of her toys to the car to give to daycare before and she didn't even blink. So no we'll not take away her books.

I guess this is what comes from no tv to speak of. Just the news in the morning and we don't turn it on anymore in the evening until she is in bed. One Angelina Ballerina was enough to make her squeal Wednesday night. We hadn't even noticed how long it really had been since we plopped her in front of the screen, for that I'm grateful, and we don't seem to miss it really.

But her books, we could never do without out. What are your favorite's?

and apparently tomorrow April 12th here in the land of corn and flat lands it's supposed to snow FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND TRUE WHY!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Can we go meet God?

So, I won tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar. We didn't have money for a sitter so I decided to take Abbie rather than Rick. We talked about the show, how there would be singing and dancing, how she needed to sit mostly still and use her quiet voice. We talked about how the people would be on a stage and unlike the JamFest last summer people wouldn't think it was cute if she hung out around the front dancing. I thought we were prepared.

She loved the organ music and then the curtain opened and Jesus & his buds ran across the stage. They came back out and she whispered in my ear "who are they mommy" so I explained the one in the white was Jesus and the rest were the apostles. About 10 minutes she leaned over and whispered "can I got down and meet God" See I thought I had prepared her, I'd told her everything but the most important part, it's TOTALLY pretend, and she was TOTALLY disappointed. She loved the show, but just was bummed not to meet God.

Her favorite part by the way? two parts actually, the bad guys in black hats and the Elton John style King. Go figure.

Next we'd like to win tickets to the circus, cause I'm too cheap to buy them. Cross your fingers.