Wednesday, February 28, 2007

just a quick one

in case anyone is actually reading. Abbie's learning so many words, but getting them all wrong. Her latest word is CRAZY. For example she'll say "I want to watch backyardigans crazy mommy" or "read me a story crazy" I think crazy must mean REALLY BAD, but it's so funny.

And she's getting compound words backwards like her mom, I said hangaburger, regiscaster and many other hystical to repeate things. She says gotfor, like we gotfor my gloves in the car, papertoilet, if you need me to tell you what that one is you gotfor your brain. and others, I can't think of them right now, but I'll write them down.

Oh and today, she said "I only like my daddy crazy" You can interpret that one :) but she's such a daddy's girl these days to the point that I can do NOTHING right for her. Rick had class tonight and so when she asked where he was and I said schools, she said no way he's at school, he needs to come home now. Then we were driving by O'Charley's where we had dinner last night and she said we need to go get daddy he's eating still. LOVE IT sort of. Except that I bribed her with a shopping trip she could have cared less that I picked her up. And unlike her mother she's content to just walk around the store, or ride as she does like the queen in her cart.

k, I'm sleepy and going to sleep but here are some pictures. First one is of my girl in a dress and big old boots shoveling the snow with a rake, yes a rake. She's a creative girl and does what it takes. Next one is how much snow was on our patio before it stopped snowing. And the last one is abbie helping to salt the walk.

Friday, February 02, 2007

too hot

just a quick little Abbie story.
I was drinking hot chocolate last night and Abbie was convinced it was meant for her. I knew if it was too hot for me it was too hot for her so I was going to make her some chocolate milk and she told me no way. I had her touch my mug and she yelped and said “hot like coffee” yes I said, too hot for Abbie. To which she replied nope, I want some chocolate coffee. Anything hot is coffee. She touched the mug again and yelped and I told her it would burn her mouth. Then she stuck her finger in it and really made a face and yelped. Then she said she had an owie and she needed a bandaid because the chocolate coffee burned her. I kissed it and convinced her she would survive AND SHE DID IT AGAIN :)

Finally I poured a little into a cup for her and swirled it until it was cooler and she had some. She liked it but scrunched up her face and said too hot.