Tuesday, November 20, 2007

quick so I don't forget

Abbie's teacher must say for goodness sakes a lot, becuase lately she's been saying for sakes and missing the goodness, it's so funny. She also tells you her shirt is backwards out rather than inside out.

Monday, November 19, 2007

because she said so :)

So I don't usually post this stuff or forward emails, but because Raquita said I probably would I shall...however I can't tag 7 bloggers because so far as I know I only actually know 2 authors of the blogs I read. So here goes.

7 random things about me.

1- I have attended more colleges than I care to admit
2- I have about 100 1/2 finished projects
3- I can cry at the drop of a hat but it's not usually intentional.
4- I love to give things I've made, now if I could just make more useful things :)
5- I knew Abbie would be a girl named Abbie from the second I realized I was pregnant
6- It's my birthday
7- I can type faster than I can talk.

So now if you blog and you read my blog post 7 random things about you and let me know.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving lunch

I realize it's not Thanksgiving yet, but we had lunch with Abbie today at school. She made little turkey place mats and we had a really good time. I just had one quick observation. There were only 2 dads there. I'm fairly certain most of the mom's are married, they appeared to have wedding rings on and I've seen more dads picking up than the two that were there. Rick was one of them and I'm really glad he went. I remember my dad doing stuff and it couldn't have been easy to schedule, but really what else is there. Work will ALWAYS be there in some form or another, but a 3 year old with hand made turkey placemats? That won't even be there in a month.

just an observation

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

REAL friends

I miss St. Louis with my whole heart. The people, the streets, the smells, the sights everything, even the nasty crazy hoosiers, but mostly for the people. Knowing that no matter when or where I could call and someone would be there. I never had a lot of friends, but all the ones I have are amazing.

Distance does not dictate who our real friends are

What a true statement. I thanked a friend for always reading & responding to my emails. It’s always emails although she’s such a dear friend to me. Every time we’ve moved I have left many friends behind. I am slow to warm to new people, I know not everyone believes it, but it’s true in the beginning. So I’m the kind of person with a few real friends rather than lots and lots of acquaintance friends. I’ve learned over time who the real friends, you know the out of sight, out of contact, but not out of mind sort of friends (well some are out of their minds, but not out of mine) I don’t have a lot of close friends here in town but sometimes I forget how many REAL friends I do have.

if you are reading this I'm guessing you are one of the real friends and I thank you for being there for me.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Coke or Pepsi

I get a fisher price email, it’s usually full of great things and I like it, not a junk email at all. Well today the parenting question was about soda for 3 year olds. SODA FOR 3 YEAR OLDS, seriously!!!! I hardly give Abbie juice and someone seriously wants to know if it’s ok to give their child soda, not all the time, but at the end of the day as a reward. Look I’ve been feeling guilty using sugar free gum as a reward for my kid and they want to use FULL SUGAR SODA. Just give them some meth. Sorry if you are one of those parents who give their kid soda, but it’s just wrong. The only time Abbie’s ever had any was once she was sick and she wouldn’t drink anything else and I gave her some sugar free sprite just to see if she’d drink that, she didn'tand I’m glad. I drink too much soda, I know it, I know that’s why I don’t have more success with the weight loss thing, it’s why I feel like crap (well partly) and so many other bad things. When I was pregnant aside from the morning sickness and being so overdue the hardest part was not drinking soda, but I did it and I am a SERIOUS DIET COKE GIRL.
Why would I want to introduce that crap to Abbie now, she’s three, she’s got plenty of time for stuff that’s bad for her in the future. When we go out to eat and a waitress asks if she want coke or sprite they are always shocked when I say milk or water. Yes we get her a kid’s shake at Steak & Shake but we go maybe once every six weeks or so and at least there’s milk in there J No soda for Abbie and less and less for me anymore.

Soda, seriously, three years old, unbelievable.

Monday, November 05, 2007

faster mommy

Well Abbie and I went to the park yesterday and I decided we should take a long walk after playing. If you have a 3 year old you know a long walk means one of two things a stroller or a short walk. So we took the stroller. It was a great day for a walk, sunny and cool, I did not notice the breeze until we were walking into the wind. We 2 choices walk back up the big old hill or keep going. The hill looked big to me and I figured the wind would die down eventually. Have you ever spent any time in central Illinois, if you had you'd know there is never a wind that dies down. Tractor trailer flip from our wind, we get snow rolls in the winter from our wind. Think jelly roll only out of snow!

anyway........ so we are walking INTO THE WIND and I run out of energy before I run out of walk so I'm really dragging. We've been walking for about 30 minutes and from the stroller I hear this sweet little voice say

"hey mommy, faster please"
"I can't go faster sweetie"
"please mommy"
"I'm too out of shape to go faster"

Seriously, I never thought about that. In all honestly we walked for over an hour and it was the last 10 minutes or so walking into the wind that killed me. How is it possible to walk in a circle around the dang park and walk into the wind for all but 1/3 of that walk?

I've got more to blog but I am headed home to see what she thinks I need to get today :)