Thursday, October 19, 2006

she's perfect

Abbie's wonderful. That's only one of many words I could use to describe her. Last weekend was great. We hung out on Saturday and then got pumpkins on Sunday. She had a blast. She pulled the wagon empty and full and I think she would have walked clear back to the edge of the patch. I'll load pictures soon. But we took them with our camcorder so they are grainy.

She's so funny these days. She'll just say out of the blue "I'm pretty" or "I'm cool". Now that Halloween is coming she's been saying "I'm spooky" Just so many funny things that make me wonder where they are coming from.

Her new favorite cd is Violent Femmes thanks to her Aunt Molly, and although Blister in the Sun is old after the 20th time in a row DANG DOES IT BEAT WHEELS ON THE BUS.

Sad times though. Abbie's wonderful teacher Rachel has found another job. I truly believe Rachel is the reason Abbie settled into Kids 1st so quicly and easily. And I know her smile in the morning is what set my mind at ease those first days. She's moving on to a better job with more security and I'm happy for her, but am oh so sad for Abbie. She only took care of her for almost 2 months, but it came after we'd had so much trouble that I didn't think day care would ever be smooth. We wish her luck, but will miss her every morning. I know that Abbie will be just fine with the new teacher, Miss Patsy and Miss Ashley though. I just hope she stops saying Miss Rachel at dawn before too much longer. It's true, some mornings she wakes up screaming "I want to go see miss rachel!" GOOD LUCK MISS RACHEL.

I'm too tired for more :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

How different were you 5 years ago?
September 2001
How old were you? 31
Where did you go to school? Didn't
Where did you work? Cingular
Where did you live? Dallas
Where did you hang out? at home
How was your hair? long straight and red
Did you wear glasses? yes
Who was your best friend? Jackie & molly
Who was your regular-person crush? no one
How many tattoos did you have? zero
How many piercings did you have? 4 two in ech ear
What car did you drive? 96 aspire
What was your worst fear? staying in Dallas forever
Had you smoked a cigarette yet? yep
Had you been arrested? nope
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: married
**September 2006:
How old are you? 31
Where do you work? Horizon Hobby
same town? no, rantoul IL, middle of absolutely no where
Where do you hang out? where ever abbie is :)
Do you wear glasses? yep
What is your hairstyle? short brown bob
Who are your best friends? Molly & Elaine
Still talk to any of your old friends? sure do
How many piercings do you have? now it's 2, one set closed up
How many tattoos? no
What kind of car do you have? Chevy Malibu
What is your biggest fear? Abbie not being happy
Have you been arrested since if so how many times total? still zero, I'm a nerd
Has your heart been broken? yep
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: still married

biggest change? everything is different, but Abbie's the biggest change.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wow has it really been a month?

I did not realize things were quite so busy. Abbie's still doing wonderful at school. Sarah's surgery went really well. And Kirk's on the football team. Rick's been traveling as usual which leaves lots of Abbie and Mommy time which is good and bad :)

We took her to the zoo the last time we were in St. Louis. She was completely non plus (if that's how it's spelled) You know totally not interested or impressed. Even at the penguin house. She was how ever ready to jump in with the ducks and swans, believe it or not we have those here, we don't need to drive 3 hours to get to the zoo!

We also took her to Soulard Market. Grandpa had a buddy playing the banjo so he stopped and played his harmonica. Well Abbie couldn't let the have all the fun so she picked up a harmonica and played for just about an hour. She was so happy it was hard to make her leave. I think I found a way to pay for college! Every time they'd finish a song she'd stomp her little foot and say "another one" or "I'm not done" She was bare foot, it was warm, she hates shoes. I was cracking up watching her, at one point someone walked by and said "that baby ain't got no shoes" I wanted to grab her and tell her she's got shoes, shoes from stride rite, $48 shoes, honest, she just won't wear them :) Osh Kosh, bare feet and jammin on the harmonica! Soon as I figure out how to get the pictures from my mom's phone to here they'll be here. Of course I didn't have a camera with me, I didn't think anything cute would happen amongst the fruit and tiny donuts!

She's talking up a storm these days. Very clearly and some of the things she says make me want to just fall over laughing. Thankfully the worst word she's got from me these days is crap, and I'm really working on it. Sure beats the oh shit she was saying a year ago. Huge long strings of words that actually make a great deal of sense. I'm so amazed who this little person is growing up to be.

more later.