Wednesday, May 19, 2010

growing up

once in a while something happens and it hits me how big Abbie's getting. Tonight she helped her dad sweep the sidewalk & driveway after he mowed the grass but she didn't use her little push broom, she used a big broom. Then at dinner she set the table, scooped her pasta and got just the right amount of cheese. Not to mention the fact that she is reading, spelling, writing, adding and who knows what else.

When did it happen. I just turned around and next thing I know she's a kid. I almost don't recognize her sitting across the dinner table from me. Yesterday morning she came out to the garage as I was leaving because I forgot to make her a smoothie too. When we moved here she couldn't even open that door!

Just over a week left in kindergarten. She has LOVED it, well after we got past the terror of the first couple weeks. She was so scared and nervous, but in the end she's had a wonderful time. She loves her teacher, and couldn't believe school would be over, she thought it would just go on and on and on. Then when she found out her teacher was moving and wouldn't even be at her school next year she was heart broken! Thankfully her teacher is super sweet and wonderful and said she would love a pen pal, which is great because Abbie would LOVE to have some mail in her mail box. She always looks like it's Christmas morning and Santa didn't show up when there's nothing in the mail for her. She's asked if she could write a letter now, but the year isn't over and her teacher hasn't left.

I'm so proud and so sad all at once. She is growing into a great little person. She is sassy, happy, funny, moody, smart and all the great things she's supposed to be.

I can't wait to see what's to come.