Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kid's 1st is First Rate :)

Abbie loves her new place. She cried pretty much every morning for the last 2 months when I was dropping her off. Not just a little whining, but throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming crying. She hasn't cried at all at Kid's 1st, even the first day I left her. She waved and told me bye bye. Last night she went to bed talking about Miss Rachel and woke up talking about her and I'm so glad! She started acting crazy before we left and I said "we have to stay calm and get ready so we can see Miss Rachel" BAM!!! She was perfect! Now if Miss Rachel could just move in with us we'd be all set. I was so worried and anxious that this wouldn't be any better, but if the first 2 days are any indication I'm thrilled.

Miss Rachel said all the parents came in asking who Abbie was because all the kids were talking about her last night! And they've said she's very smart which we already knew. She also said Abbie's warming up to the group and just jumping right in participating with the other kids. I was worried she'd be shy.

Anyway for now all is good and wonderful and peaceful in the Vessell household, really it is!