Sunday, February 10, 2008


So the weather here is INSANE. It was over 40 yesterday and today the high I think is 4 or something too cold to even count. The wind chill should be around -12 or something else too cold to count. I'm guessing hubby is THRILLED to be in Florida! Then I checked the weather and we may get a couple of inches of snow Monday night. It CAN NOT SNOW. Lots of reasons, but the two most important, I do not want to shovel AND I CAN NOT miss work. I just can't. Already have just recently. I don't have the money to pay a sitter for an entire day, so if it snows Abbie will just be a hh employee for the day I supposed. So think NO SNOW, NO SNOW, NO SNOW. And if you are thinking SNOW then your butt better be up here to shovel and babysit!

On a positive note, some girls came over to scrap book last night and we had a LOVELY time. I never have people over and I really need to do it more. Abbie missed her nap and fell asleep just after 5, got up just as people got here so she was up the whole time, but in a wonderful mood so it was ok. Thursday a friend came to watch LOST with us and that was fun too. this Thursday is Valentines day and I think she's comeing back again, none of us really have plans and LOST is on, hubby is in Florida as previously mentioned so it will just be us for Valentines.

Have a great week.