Sunday, April 09, 2006

a movie?

So one of the theaters in town has free kids movies on Saturday and Sunday. We decided to take Abbie. One of the guys I work with takes his son and said he does just fine. Nathan is about a year older than Abbie so I thought we'd be fine, but I was WRONG. She love the previews, the bouncy seat and the popcorn. She would have ate the ENTIRE tub of popcorn if we'd have let her, or totcorn as she calls it. She even seemed to like the movie, but about 20 min into Robots she was DONE. I repeat D O N E. She headed for the stairs and was pointed at the door so her dad and I followed her. Guess we'll have to rent that one. Too bad, it was a cute beginning :)

We realized a tooth we thought was through isn't and one that was almost through is covered again by swollen gum, so we are teething again. I wish she had a light that would tell us, you know like a low oil light. I feel so bad getting to the end of the weekend and realizing her mood is because she's miserable and not because she thinks we are miserable :)

On to Easter I suppose. She's got a pretty dress, matches her big sisters, I promise I'll figure out the picture thing so you can see, if anyone is actually reading ;) She does like the giggler eggs, but only if you cut them in little pieces. She won't bite them. Sort of like fudge bars. You have to break or bite off a piece for her to eat. Grandma thinks that's pretty gross and although she'd give Abbie the whole bar, she won't bite off a little piece for her!!! It's late, I'm off to bed because Abbie will be up early!