Friday, June 26, 2009

pictures and stuff

Loves her new flip flops

the outfit for the flip flops

here's the outfit we need to make flip flops for

Great Grandma Loeb & Abbie

Uncle Stan & Abbie checking out the fairy house
this is the fairy house, see the green, that's the roof

here's the hammock Abbie fell in love with, nice shot for a kid

this is the fairy school

another pretty picture Abbie took

Happy Abbie

Friends she made at Solstice in the hammock she loved

Abbie thought her lunch was beautiful, and found she loves brie

Abbie thought Grandpa's dinner was beautiful, it was really yummy too
she was pooped after a party

got feet

here are Abbie's new flip flops. I love them. We are going to make some pink/green/yellow ones to go with an outfit Grandma got her. These are to go with her 4th of July outfit, yea, I know obvious right ;) anyway. I love them.

we are spending the week in STL after spending the weekend in Ohio. I'm doing another blog post in a sec with pictures.

by the way, do you have feet or know a girl who has feet who would love these flip flops? what would you pay for them? I'm just curious?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Not sure if the lovemyabbie people all read the cup cake blog, but just incase you are interested. Todays cupcake was great.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

what Abbie did this morning

I got this game for Abbie

She loved it. I thought it would be something I'd have to help her with, but I got her started and backed off. She got through 21 of the cards without much help really and was disappointed when we had to put it away. I'm always amazed to watch her solve puzzles, she LOVES them and she's really good at them. Letters not always so much, but puzzles are like heaven for her. Sort of the opposite of me, so that's probably why I'm so impressed.

Anyway, looking for a good gift, this is perfect. Mighty Mind is what it's called and like I said she played until I made her stop. She also loves