Monday, November 20, 2006


We rearranged our living room. We moved the couch and tv to one side, took the living room up to Abbie’s room and the whole other side is “Abbie’s space now" We were able to bring her table in and put it next to her kitchen and she’s got plenty of room to play. We did it during her nap and I was worried she would be confused so I was telling her we’d moved things around so she could play better. She saw it as we were coming down the stairs and she said “oh thank you mommy” Made my day.

Another funny Abbie story. Rick helped her pick a card for my birthday and there was something inside on a spring so it bounced when you opened it. Well she gave me the card and the pointed out how she drew on it and she was telling me all about it. So when we were done I put it on the table and she said “hey I want that back” I cracked up!

yesterday she was struggling with her slipper, she couldn't get it off and she kicked it and said damnit. I SWEAR I'M TRYING TO STOP, so Rick says don't say that word. She huffed and said Mommy says damnit, so now I get a time out if I say it too :)

Earlier the same day she was trying to pick up something that was stuck. I don't know what it was or what it was stuck on, but it was stuck good and stuck. All of a sudden I heard her yell "what the heck" another mommy term, at least it's clean, but coming out her mouth it sounded so silly. It's hard not to laugh.

Monday, November 06, 2006

fun stuff

Purple dress is post dinner, see story below.

Picture on the phone is Saturday, just like Mommy

And the other one, do I need to explain? She has a paci problem.

We had a lovely evening singing and squealing and laughing to be had by all. I'd composed a wonderful little blog and deleted it somehow, so not sure how, but it's gone. So all you get is pictures and quick sentances. Enjoy.

You can try looking at the rest of the pictures I uploaded ot Lovemyabbie is our site, don't know if you can just search for it or not. If I have your email I'll send you an invite tomorrow, if not leave me a message here and I'll add you to the list