Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

stay tuned

My goal is to get all the pictures and video from our trip uploaded tonight. WE HAD A BLAST DC ROCKS!

Now back to reality.

Monday, May 12, 2008

another first

We've lived here for almost a year so you'd think all the first except the first anniversary of the purchase would be over, you are wrong! We had our first dinner in the yard. We have a little short outside table and tonight we put it up. Rick BBQ'd pork steaks for me, brats for him and we had a cook out. That's what Abbie called it even though she ate left over pizza, hey she's no gourmet, and mostly a vegetarian these days, but she ate out with us.

We had some strawberries that were getting soft so I whipped up a pie, yes on a Monday night. It was YUMMY, although Abbie thinks the only part that is pie is the crust so she scraped off all the strawberries, raspberries and juicy stuff and ate just the crust, but hey we were all happy and full when we were done.

Hoping your weather is as nice as ours and you can get out for some fresh air soon

Friday, May 09, 2008


So Abbie's been unusually attached to her father and unusually hateful to her mother, just in time for Mother's Day, wonderful. Tonight she started throwing her fit the SECOND I walked in the door at school. She wrapped it up in time to get in the car and say she didn't want to talk. Ok fine. Then 1/2 way home we had this conversation
"momma what color are your eyes"
"my eyes are hazel (cause the mostly are)"
"momma hazel is the worst color of eyes, I don't like hazel"
silence from me (yes honestly silence)
"momma hazel is the worst color of eyes, I don't like hazel"
silence from me (yes honestly silence)
"momma hazel is the worst color of eyes, I don't like hazel"

yes that many times. What was there for me to say, NOTHING. I know it's a phase, but man am I screwed when she's 14 or 18! So by the time I got home I was ready to hand her off to her precious father and do anything else. As she was getting out of the car she shoved my hand away so I took a step back from the car. She likes to put one hand on the door one on the seat and swing her feet out. So tonight as she swings her feet out her right hand slips and she goes flying at a funky angle just as I'm stepping away from the car, lands with a CRACK on her head and then a flop as her body hits the CEMENT floor of my garage! Much to my relieve IMMEDIATE AND LOUD SCREAMING. Ice, hugs, kisses, feeling of the great goose egg. She is fine. Totally fine, big old goose egg, ok maybe a robin's egg, but still. During the screaming and ice, momma, momma. The precise moment she realized she was not dying, dadda, dadda.

you have got to be kidding me!

Shameless Plug

So I sort of have been selling Avon, and I have a website if you are interested, no pressure or anything.

And Abbie's something else this week. yesterday something made her mad and we had an hour long fit, nothing worked so I just started IGNORING her, that didn't work either, but she got tired eventually. Any suggestions for the screaming?