Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter goodness

Here we go

woa there's another one

look how many I found

I got them all except one

This is the one we didn't get. Grandma let Maddie keep it, it's not like we were getting it back and would we have wanted it?

Sorry there's no before pictures of her basket, but she made out good. Someone left the door to the dining room open at mom's and Abbie being the early bird that she is found it before we even realized she was up. Much squealing and giggling.

Her funny Easter story. I signed up to bring hard boiled eggs to school for their party and kept talking about them getting to die eggs. After a day or so Abbie says "mommy, what means dieing eggs?" Apparently she thought they were going to KILL them. so I explained and she was much happier.

Oh, the dress, I made that. T-shirt and not quite a yard of material.