Wednesday, March 09, 2011


So Lent starts today and I was talking about what to give up with Abbie. I did the whole explanation to remind us of what Jesus gave up and how it helps us remember that and the good stuff. I said sometimes people give things up and without missing a beat she says "you mean like socks mommy" I so thought we were over the sock thing, but apparently I was wrong. I talked about maybe I'd give up Diet Coke, and she said "no mommy that would be awful"

we agreed we'd say extra prayers every day rather than give something up. Seems like an ok compromise.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

So sweet

So it's been a crazy kind of weekend. Leave it to Abbie to remind me what it's all about. Today I took her to Sunday school at 9 followed by children's mass at 10:30 and she stayed with me during the noon mass where I was singing with the choir. I was prepared, back pack with a snack, crayons, paper and plenty of stuff to do. She was so good, quiet, respectful and I was so glad she was being so good. She slid me a drawing she had spent a LOT of time on, it was a picture of me and she had written -no one could love me the way you do mom- I was really glad I had some tissue in my purse.

It was a long time at mass, but I left with the perfect message.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

dinner conversation

So last night I made pancakes for dinner. Abbie helped me measure, mix, pour and cook. She had so much fun and was so proud. As we sat down and she saw the plate of hot steaming pancakes she said "I didn't know we were going to EAT pancakes for dinner"

Apparently she thought we were just making them for fun.

Fun times.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

She did it!!!

Abbie has one hour and fifteen minutes left of the school year! It went so fast. I'm sorry I didn't write more during the year to be able to remember it later. She LOVES school. When she realized that she would have to stop for the summer she was so bummed. She is looking forward to sleeping late for a couple weeks though.

She's learned to read, which is AMAZING. She's been "reading" to her animals forever, but now she can read them the words on the page rather than the ones in her head.

She learned to write, and boy does she wright. The notes we get are sweet, funny and heartbreaking. She'll write a grocery list for me, but then when she's mad or bored I get a note asking why I'm doing that to her. She CRACKS me up. Each note has better punctuation and spelling so I guess it's all good. I remember the week they started working on the question mark & exclamation mark, the notes were full of them.

She's learned a little math and a LOT about money. Now when she does things she asks if she can get paid for it and how much. It's interesting to see what she thinks is worth a dime or quarter. She is very motivated by the dollar store. I am glad she's so easily pleased, but I know the day will come when a dollar is nothing to her.

She also learned how to deal with mean kids. I hate that it's necessary. There was a boy in her class who had some issues and I don't think he could help the mean, but there were girls in her class who could absolutely help the mean and they just didn't feel like it. they are 5 years old, really is that necessary. But then we are at school events and I see & hear their parents and it makes sense to me why the kids are mean. I really hope no one ever sees me or over hears a conversation I am having and says well no wonder her kid is so bad!

This summer she's spending some time with all of us and going to day camp. She'll get a break from all the work as she put it :) And then comes first grade in the fall.

I SAID FIRST GRADE PEOPLE. For real, when did she get this old? When did I get this old? How does time move so fast and so slow all at the same time? She's worried about new people and working hard, I'm worried about her growing up. I look at her sitting on the couch next to me wiggling a loose tooth and I see her growing up into a person not my little girl and for sure not my baby. But she's doing it, we are making it through and it's been such a wonderful ride so far.

Friday, June 04, 2010

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

growing up

once in a while something happens and it hits me how big Abbie's getting. Tonight she helped her dad sweep the sidewalk & driveway after he mowed the grass but she didn't use her little push broom, she used a big broom. Then at dinner she set the table, scooped her pasta and got just the right amount of cheese. Not to mention the fact that she is reading, spelling, writing, adding and who knows what else.

When did it happen. I just turned around and next thing I know she's a kid. I almost don't recognize her sitting across the dinner table from me. Yesterday morning she came out to the garage as I was leaving because I forgot to make her a smoothie too. When we moved here she couldn't even open that door!

Just over a week left in kindergarten. She has LOVED it, well after we got past the terror of the first couple weeks. She was so scared and nervous, but in the end she's had a wonderful time. She loves her teacher, and couldn't believe school would be over, she thought it would just go on and on and on. Then when she found out her teacher was moving and wouldn't even be at her school next year she was heart broken! Thankfully her teacher is super sweet and wonderful and said she would love a pen pal, which is great because Abbie would LOVE to have some mail in her mail box. She always looks like it's Christmas morning and Santa didn't show up when there's nothing in the mail for her. She's asked if she could write a letter now, but the year isn't over and her teacher hasn't left.

I'm so proud and so sad all at once. She is growing into a great little person. She is sassy, happy, funny, moody, smart and all the great things she's supposed to be.

I can't wait to see what's to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

quick one :)

Sorry it's been a while since I updated, and this is just a drive by.

Abbie's parent teacher meeting was Friday. She is doing great. However Thursday night every time we would mention the meeting she would change the subject. Pretty sneaky stuff for a five year old. So finally I asked her if there was something she needed to tell us. She took a very deep breath and out came "itwasnaptimeandweweretalkingandshewastalkingtomeandsheaskedustostopandididn'tlistenandsheturnedmycardandi'msorryandididn'tmeanit" followed by a seriously pathetic face and almost tears. Apparently she was talking during nap time and got her card turned, that's like getting your name on the board. So first I told her she was going to be fine, but that I'm sure Ms. Dixon was disappointed that Abbie didn't listen. We had the whole listen to your teacher talk. But good grief you would think she'd been in a fight or something!

When we got to the meeting we told the teacher and she didn't even remember. It's rare for Abbie to get her card turned, but it's always for "chatting" wonder where she gets that. So I told the teacher I used to have to sit BEHIND my teachers desk in first grade.

Abbie also wrote a note for her teacher, she spelled all the words by herself, sealed it with a butterfly in one of her left over Halloween goody bags. What we didn't' realize until the teacher was opening it was that Abbie had "paid" her. There was a quarter in the note. Abbie was so proud it was cute.

anyway, that's it for now. More this weekend & pictures, promise.