Saturday, June 05, 2010

She did it!!!

Abbie has one hour and fifteen minutes left of the school year! It went so fast. I'm sorry I didn't write more during the year to be able to remember it later. She LOVES school. When she realized that she would have to stop for the summer she was so bummed. She is looking forward to sleeping late for a couple weeks though.

She's learned to read, which is AMAZING. She's been "reading" to her animals forever, but now she can read them the words on the page rather than the ones in her head.

She learned to write, and boy does she wright. The notes we get are sweet, funny and heartbreaking. She'll write a grocery list for me, but then when she's mad or bored I get a note asking why I'm doing that to her. She CRACKS me up. Each note has better punctuation and spelling so I guess it's all good. I remember the week they started working on the question mark & exclamation mark, the notes were full of them.

She's learned a little math and a LOT about money. Now when she does things she asks if she can get paid for it and how much. It's interesting to see what she thinks is worth a dime or quarter. She is very motivated by the dollar store. I am glad she's so easily pleased, but I know the day will come when a dollar is nothing to her.

She also learned how to deal with mean kids. I hate that it's necessary. There was a boy in her class who had some issues and I don't think he could help the mean, but there were girls in her class who could absolutely help the mean and they just didn't feel like it. they are 5 years old, really is that necessary. But then we are at school events and I see & hear their parents and it makes sense to me why the kids are mean. I really hope no one ever sees me or over hears a conversation I am having and says well no wonder her kid is so bad!

This summer she's spending some time with all of us and going to day camp. She'll get a break from all the work as she put it :) And then comes first grade in the fall.

I SAID FIRST GRADE PEOPLE. For real, when did she get this old? When did I get this old? How does time move so fast and so slow all at the same time? She's worried about new people and working hard, I'm worried about her growing up. I look at her sitting on the couch next to me wiggling a loose tooth and I see her growing up into a person not my little girl and for sure not my baby. But she's doing it, we are making it through and it's been such a wonderful ride so far.

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