Thursday, May 24, 2007

Abbie has a back yard

And we are here watering it right now. She thinks the whole house is the back yard. If we go out front she says "lets to out to the front back yard" We closed May 16th and will be so glad to be done moving and packing and unpacking.

Abbie's room is pink, ours is kahki, grandma's is yellow and we'll be glad to never paint again. We got the fence we thought would never happen today.

Oh and can I tell you, Abbie told her first joke today. We were in her new bathroom and she was looking around under the sink, there was no toilet paper. For some reason I asked what she'd had for lunch and she grinned a big old grin and said "mommy, I had toilet paper for lunch" then she just cracked up!

I'll post pictures of the house soon, but it's likely to be a mess as we move in. I'm not sure where I want anything, or even if I want everything ;) We may hvae a big old yard sale eventually.

anyway, hope all is good with everyone reading.