Sunday, March 22, 2009

what it is :)

What it was...

an old hawaiian shirt rick put in the goodwill pile.

what it is...

a dress for Abbie

It's not perfect, but for something I made in a couple hours with no pattern it's a good start right?

Abbie Hugs

So, no matter what else is going on an Abbie hug makes it all better. Things are crazy lately, no job for me, Rick's job is rocky because it's the same industry I came from (he's feeling secure, but still), every time we turn on the tv there's another story about the recession & job loss, car issues, house issues, kid issues. and then... there's Abbie, sassy as always she can ALWAYS make me laugh (much to her chagrin) and when it's really bad I say "can I have a hug" and she always says "sure mommy" She never says hang on while I finish this row, or let me finish loading the dish washer or any of that stuff, just "sure mommy" and she never asks what's wrong or if every thing's ok. Just squeezes with all her might.

Every day I wonder what I did that God thought to give her to me, but every day I'm so thankful she's mine.

I had a couple friends over last night, we had to run an errand (ok we had to go find chocolate vodka, I'm so embarrassed that I was in a liquor store with her, such a south city hoosier I am) anyway, in the car we were all laughing and goofing around and she piped up something. I'm not sure what she said, but I saw her face in my mirror and she was just pretending she knew what we were talking about and wanted to throw something in the conversation. I CRACKED UP. She's so funny and grown up sometimes and other times she's just that 4 year old little girl. At some point I said what ever to someone and she doesn't believe it's a good word, so she scolded me in the car with my friends. It was so funny listening to her be me, she sounded JUST like me. Sometimes it's nice to hear myself coming out of my mouth, know she's listening and learning from me, other times I just want to roll over and die realizing she's listening to EVERYTHING.

****if you aren't from St. Louis, you may not know hoosier except as in Indiana Hoosier, well where I come from it's not a good thing, but I'm from south city and there's a little hoosier in all of us, at least we had shoes on the baby in the liquor store :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Most mornings Abbie picks her own outfits. Sometimes she is TOTALLY coordinated and cute, others looks like the light was off when she picked. However, she always looks beautiful, at least her mamma thinks so. Here's today's outfit.

Here's one with the shoes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abbie stuff

I haven't been posting much about Abbie. She's still wonderful, but some how she's turned into a 17 year old in a 3 year olds body. Not sure how to deal with that, but we are doing our best. I figure she'll be a lawyer with the way she negotiates things, like bed time, dinner, what clothes to wear and how flip flops are perfectly acceptable in single digit weather. It's keeping us on our toes that's for DANG sure. And her responses to us, BLOW ME AWAY. She was playing music this weekend at the market, and it was chilly, the guys playing had coats, some had hats and scarves, I asked her if she wanted her coat, at least the hood on her head and the rest just hanging. I got the EYE ROLL of all time, I don't think even I can roll my eyes like that without whiplash. So she played in just her dress, see...
That's charile with the coat, scarf, hat AND gloves. Even Grandpa has a coat and hat on. Abbie would have bare feet if I'd let her. Least she had fun right? Last year she played once, osh kosh over alls and bare feet. Some lady kept saying "look that baby got no shoes" I wanted to yell out "she does, honest there are $50 shoes from stride rite in the stroller right here next to her see if you can get her to wear them"
have a great afternoon.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Abbie says

I don't buy pop tarts, don't really like them, didn't grow up eating them. My daughter, however, thinks they are gold. She saw someone eating them Friday night and I caved and bought a box on the way home.
Saturday I gave her one, told her if she had it in the morning she couldn't have one until the next day, ok mom she says that's fine. On with the pop tart eating

ten minutes later
Abbie- ok, I'm ready for another pop tart
me- remember I said if you have one now no more until tomorrow
Abbie- ugh!
10 more minutes
Abbie- can I have another pop tart
me- remember what I said about pop tarts
Abbie- ugh, I was hoping you would forget by now.

Another funny.
Abbie asked me to make her some jewelry, I said ok let's get out the beads. We picked beads, we picked the clasp, we got the string. What should we make I say, a bracelet for my foot waist she says. She either didn't know the word ankle or just didn't think of ankle. I think foot waist sounds better anyway.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

52 cupcakes

or at least that's the goal. Everyone and their cousin has a cupcake blog. I don't know that I'll start a blog, but I'm going to try to do a new flavor every week. This week, I started with ginger bread cup cakes with a lemon filling. Filling done and cooling on the counter, cupcakes baking in the oven. The batter tastes remarkably like the molasses cookies Rick loves. I just wanted to add, I finshed, filled and tasted the cupcakes. I had no idea how yummy lemon & gingerbread could be! Wow!

Baking, any cooking really, relaxes me, I have something to show for it when I'm done. We've been making bread, bagels, pasta, soup from scratch, that's all boring regular eat every day stuff. The cupcakes will be "special" no plain vanilla or boring chocolate, well unless there's a fancy topping or filling.

While making cupcakes today I realized perhaps the measuring stuff I have needs new friends. We have 2 sets of measuring cups, one was Rick's grandma's. They are the old metal ones with the size stamped into the bottom. The other set of cups, pink for the cure, kitchen aid I think. I also have a measuring cup from Crate & Barrel. I think of my aunt every time I use it, she gave us a gift card when we got married and that was one of the things we brought home. I also have a measuring cup from pampered chef. The kind that you can measure peanut butter with and push it right out. I only have one set of measuring spoons, it matches the pink for the cure cups. My bowls need friends too I think. Maybe none of it needs friends, maybe I need to be organized, but in 51 flavors I bet I'll know.

What's your favorite cupcake recipe/flavor? What's your favorite kitchen tool?