Thursday, August 31, 2006

No More Little Wings

That's her daycare. I've had serious issues with them as of late, serious enough that I'm willing to pay almost 50% more for another daycare. She's been safe, but somehow I as a mother think that there's more to daycare than being safe. Silly how I think that way. So she and I are leaving bright and early to visit her new place. Kids 1st. I hope they mean it.

She's getting quite the personality lately. She's so much like me that sometimes I can hardly stand it. That little look when she's doing something wrong, she's not sure what she's doing wrong, but she knows it. Then you say, want a time out, YEP. and dang if she doesn't mean it.

I am looking forward to being with her tomorrow. She's been SERIOUSLY attached to her daddy and that's so hurting my feelings. She wants mostly nothing to do with me and has no problem screaming NO MOMMY. I'm hoping tomorrow she'll forget she doesn't like me this week :) Nothing special planned, just the park and the library after the visit and a nice nap. I may even nap with her on our bed rather than doing laundry while she naps.

I'm going to try to get some cool pictures at the park and I'll post them this weekend if that happens.

Keep your fingers crossed that the new daycare is worth the extra money, because if not I'm not sure what we'll do next.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

She's a smartie :)

Well we've been working on Abbie being paci free. She still gets it at bedtime, but that's it. This morning she asked if she could go back to bed. This evening we were at Walmart and I was going to let her pick a doll and she picked one with a paci and then stole it from the baby! I know we'll get through this but she's sneakier than I expected she would be.

We've decided to find a new daycare for Abbie too. The one where she is just isn't working out. There's not as much stimulation or attention as I'd like and although I've talked to them about it I get the impression they think I'm one of those nagging moms. I guess I probably am, but the couple of places I've interviewed so far don't seem to think the things I'm asking for are out of the ordinary. Everywhere I'm looking at is more expensive, but I guess right now we are getting what we pay for. Sounds silly, but I expect them to take better care of her than I do. I mean I'm paying them so I just expect they'll do a REALLY great job. So in 2 weeks she'll be at a new school. Not sure which one yet, I've got 2 more to look at, but a new one.

Just a quick update.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

We did it

Well sort of. Abbie was paci free yesterday except when she was in her bed. I'm hoping today is a little better. We did our best to keep her distracted and occupied, but there were two HUGE SCREAMING FITS. Both times she ended up being driven all over town. We took her to the Farmers Market in Urbana yesterday morning and wouldn't you know she managed to remember for the ENTIRE 25 minute drive that we were evil parents who wouldn't give her a paci :) Once we got there she only asked for it once. Seemed like everywhere I turned there was another stroller with a baby sucking on a paci. We even took her into the toy store at the mall where there are 2 play tables with trains. That seemed to help. By the time we got home we had just enough time to eat lunch before nap time came. Normally she tells us she doesn't want to go down for a nap, but she was happy to because she knew her paci was waiting for her! The afternoon went much the same way. About 7:00 though she remembered what evil parents we were and threw a full on screaming and kicking fit! I felt terrible, but I know the longer we wait the harder it's going to be. I honestly don't think she'll outgrow it. So Rick took her for a ride while I got dinner ready. She didn't eat much and kept saying she wanted to go to bed so I gave up and just put her in bed! She almost never asks to go to bed.

She did ask for a time out yesterday. Or a naughty rug as we call it. She was climbing on a foot stool by the entertainment center and she knows she's not supposed to. I told her she'd have to get down or she'd have to sit on the naughty rug and she just grinned at me. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the naughty rug and she ran right over and sat down. Go figure! But at least she wasn't climbing on the foot stool!

Cross your fingers that today goes ok with no paci. I know she'll be fine tomorrow because she'll be back at school and they don't use them there. She doesn't even have one there and doesn't ask for it. I guess she knows eventually I'll cave in and give it to her. So I guess it's as much about me not giving it to her as her not wanting it.

Ok, boring post, I know! Have a great day :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Party

Whew, it's been quite the week. Cleaning and shopping and working all to get ready for a birthday party. I guess it was good. My parents, sister and grandma showed up. A couple girls from work, one of them with a 2 year old also came. There were people who said they'd show who didn't, you know who you are. So we had too much food, but I'm pretty sure that would have happened even if everyone had come. I always make too much. But we did find out Abbie loves left over guacamole, who knew a 2 year old would like green stuff. Big grin and YUMMY!

I didn't remember to take any pictures, but grandma's camera has some. The cake I made Abbie was really cool. I'll post it later. The carrot cake I made Rick was a hit! I need to make it more than once a year. And Rick and I sort of survived the weekend.

We've decided mommy needs a break. I love him and Abbie, but in 2 years I've only been away from Abbie twice overnight and I could use a REALLY good nights sleep followed by a great nap.

K, I'm actually really tired so that's all you'll get for now :)