Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what I did this afternoon

One of my aunts gave me a box full of fabric, most of it Mary Engelbreit. I love Mary Engelbriet, I have since the 80's, worked for her in high school and some days I wish my house looked like one of her lovely, lovely drawings.
So anyway, I've got some blocks now what to do with them. I'm thinking they should have red material, but was also thinking the soft green from that chair in the last shot would be nice. It needs more blocks I know if I want it to be a full quilt. I have almost the same shade of yellow on the walls in the computer room, well on 2 of them anyway. It would be pretty as a wall hanging in there also, or slightly bigger draped on the futon, who knows. any suggestions? anyone?

Monday, May 25, 2009

thank you

A year ago today we were in Washington DC. Wonderful vacation, wonderful wedding, wonderful time. However the most memorable part of my trip was the visit to Arlington Cemetery. This is the most memorable image for me.

The crisp uniforms, the polished shoe, the spotless rifle, the closeness of the soldiers, the solid of the stone, the path walked over and over and over and over, it just all took my breath away, but more why they were there, who they were, what they were honoring, the whole thing.

To all those who have served, are serving or will serve, thank you.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Did your mom or grandma or anyone you love ever sew you something? A blanket, halloween costume, outfit, head band ANYTHING? Get a sewing machine, buy one, borrow one, steal one and sew something yourself. Figure it out, stick with it, take the time. You'll find as you are cutting and stitching and ripping seams and resewing and trimming threads just exactly how much they cared for you. You will know even more how much they cared if you wait until you have EXACTLY the amount of time left you need to finish the project and then subtract 10%. Oh, and make sure that just as you are starting to sew that you realize there was one thing you had to have that you completely forgot and the store is 20 min away and closes in 15 RUN!!!

I made Abbie a dress last night, not the first probably not the last, but ever time I sew her something I am reminded of all the care and love that went into every stitch of anything that was ever made for me.

Thanks mom.

Pictures to come...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

heard in the car

as I'm loading up and getting out of the garage etc...

Abbie: hmmmmmm.......
me: silence.
Abbie: mommy, I said hmmmmmmmmmmm...............
me: oh, ok.
Abbie: mommy, I said hmmm, that means I'm thinking of something. when I say hmmmm, you say whatcha thinking about Abbie.
Abbie: hmmmmmmmmmm...............
me: Abbie, whatcha thinking about?
Abbie: I can't tell you mommy, it's a secret just for me.

all I can say is WOW.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


At least it did today. Abbie's first dentist visit. She was excited, we didn't make a big deal about it, didn't talk too much about it. We just said they would take some pictures with a special machine, that they would clean her teeth and that might tickle and then the dentist would touch them with a pointy thing and she wouldn't feel it at all. MAJOR MELT DOWN. I have no idea why, there were no shots involved at all. The dentist barely could look in there and finally said she looks good, I'm sure her teeth are fine, is this the form you need signed. You'd think she had a root canal. Her face was all red and blotchy, the little paper bib was SOAKED from tears. So we let the dentist sign the paper and left. No sticker, not treat from the box nada. And in the car she said ok, they can tickle my teeth now mommy. HA!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Abbie & Maddie

We've had my mom's dog the last couple of weeks. Dog sitting has been interesting. I think my allergies are ready for the dog to go home, but my daughter is not. She loves having Maddie for so many different reasons. She has someone to boss around, she has someone to play outside with her, she has someone to snuggle on the floor with, she has someone to eat what she drops, she calls Maddie her sister so she's not an only child and I think it makes her feel like a grown up. I really think I'm allergic to dogs. Who knew, I grew up with a dog assuming the allergies were from crud in the air not the fluffy guy in the kitchen.

Anyway, the dog is headed home this weekend. Abbie said she will miss her but it's ok she's going home because she was stinking up her room last night. See.