Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have sort of been potty training the Great Abbie. Mostly we just let her play without a diaper, which she really enjoys by the way. So Sunday morning Daddy was sleeping and she and I were playing. I went into the kitchen for something and I heard an "OOOOOH" from the living room and when I came around there corner she was sort of hoping around yelling "POOPY, POOPY, POOPY" and leaving a little trail of you know what! I laughed so hard I almost fell over. Course before I was done laughing she was headed back to investigate so I had to grab her fast. All was save, and eventually clean, but now she knows where POOPY comes from. She must have said "mommy, poopy" over and over about a thousand times. So much for a peaceful quite Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon Daddy took her to the park to play on the swings. He's been out with her before, but it's been cold or rainy or we've been out of town for so long that she hasn't been in quite a while. Well he experienced her rath first hand when he tried to bring her in. I was away from the house so I didn't get to see it first hand, but he said she threw a bigger fit than he's ever seen when they came in. There was much wailing and huffing and puffing, and that was just Daddy trying to get her through the door :)

She thinks she's 2 years old more and more often so I'm guessing these posts will get more and more amusing to those of you who don't live with us. Happy Tuesday!

I thought of something I wanted to add. Rick's been working on Abbie's words, but they aren't the kinds of words mom's work on. Not things like red, blue, up down, dog, cat. He's teaching her is words :) Engine, header, flow master, volkswagen, VW, farfegnugen (or however you spell it) We had the most fun going through a Hot Rod the other night and showing her engines, shocks ... She started picking out the engines after a while and had the most fun looking at the flames. Before you know it she'll be the new host of Overhaulin. Which by the way was on the moment she was born! I remember clearly it being on the tv in my room as they wheeled me off for my c section. If only I had known :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

What a week!

Those of you who know us, know that it's been quite the week. Abbie was out of her schedule and I didn't realize how much she needed that schedule. Towards the end of our time in St. Louis if her Daddy or I walked even close to the door she would come running!

When I picked her up from school yesterday her paper said she hadn't been herself, but who knew what that meant. So I dropped her off this morning and her teacher said that she'd been hitting and biting! Totally not her personality at all. When I asked her about it she squeezed her eyes shut and burried her face in my shoulder. She's a smarty! On the positive side I just called and they said that she's back to her same old self, which is a relief.

She's been such a big girl lately though. Seems like every time she seems her Daddy she'll walk up and just pat him on the arm, it's the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.

I'm going to try this weekend to figure out how to load pictures and get some current ones of her and Kirk and Sarah up here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What a big girl!

I remember the first day I took Abbie to Little Wings. It was as bad as my first day back at work. She cried, I cried and she cried some more. It's been about 4 months and I can say we both love it. This morning was a perfect example. I took her in and the class was in the play room so we put away her coat and she ran for the play room. We walked in and she called for her teacher Amber and took off. She ran up the stairs for the slide and when I went over to give her a kiss she blew one over her shoulder and that was it. I know that's how it should be but that was almost as sad for me as that first day, but so much better for her.

When Rick picked her up she was in the "big kids" room, the 3's&4's and the teacher said look at her, she's the youngest one in here and the only one behaving. She's our big girl now.

Abbie's loving Little Wings and growing so much there. She's playing with other kids, who all know her name, loving her teachers and doing so many new things.

K' I'm cheesy, I know and I'm adding more often than I thought, but Abbie does something new every single day.

By the way she LOVES meat loaf :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


It's really cool how much she's talking. Just one or two words at a time, but every now and then she really surprises me with something she says. This morning we were hanging out in our room and she walked over to the door and clear as day said "downstairs" Even with a paci a stranger could understand her and it occured to me that she's growing beyond baby talk. She counts, well does every other number count? Like I say one she says two... Can't get her to say the same number as me, but she knows what comes next, that's good right? And she says all her ABC's with me. She repeats every single thing I say, good and bad, really bad sometimes :) I't so hard to remember she's right there listening all the time.

She says Come On too. Once I said it to Rick and smacked my leg so he would know I was tired of waiting so now she does it every time. She knows wake up too, smushes it all into one word, but man it's cute.

Some words she refuses to say a Grandma Loeb knows all too well! It's hysterical, we'll go around the room naming people and things and we get to Grandma and she clams up! Course she only growls for Grandpa so I guess they are even. We've got a photo album with pictures of family in it and she's starting to recognize everyone in there, she does say grandma when she sees the pictures though, such a stinker we have.

Oh we got Dunkin Donuts yesterday and we got donut holes, she was scared of them! Wouldn't let me give her one, even said yicky! When I wasn't looking though she took one out of the box and apparently they aren't so yucky! Did you know that they have jelly holes now!

It snowed today so I'll try to take pictures of her in the snow and post them. Well if it doesn't melt too quickly. Hard to believe it wsa 60 on Thursday.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Well I promised Abbie's Aunt Molly I'd start a blog so she wouldn't miss any of the cool things Abbie's doing and since today is her birthday I figured I'd better follow through.

I'll try to add as often as I can, but Abbie keeps me pretty busy and she's into just about everything these days.

I guess there's a way to post pictures so as soon as I figure it out I'll do that too.

We're taking her to playgroup tonight so maybe I'll have something interesting to post tomorrow.