Friday, March 24, 2006

What a week!

Those of you who know us, know that it's been quite the week. Abbie was out of her schedule and I didn't realize how much she needed that schedule. Towards the end of our time in St. Louis if her Daddy or I walked even close to the door she would come running!

When I picked her up from school yesterday her paper said she hadn't been herself, but who knew what that meant. So I dropped her off this morning and her teacher said that she'd been hitting and biting! Totally not her personality at all. When I asked her about it she squeezed her eyes shut and burried her face in my shoulder. She's a smarty! On the positive side I just called and they said that she's back to her same old self, which is a relief.

She's been such a big girl lately though. Seems like every time she seems her Daddy she'll walk up and just pat him on the arm, it's the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.

I'm going to try this weekend to figure out how to load pictures and get some current ones of her and Kirk and Sarah up here.

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