Wednesday, September 02, 2009

school, work, travel....

So Abbie started school last week. Monday she was anxious and didn't really want to go. She's not loving after care, but it was her second day. We can't already start skipping. So Tuesday when she got up she said she didn't feel good. I didn't think she looked good, but assumed it was just nerves so I got her moving and headed out. Rick took her to school and she lost her breakfast all over the parking lot apparently. The playground aide even thought it was nerves and if she was better after lunch to bring her back. So Rick headed home with her. It was the second day of my new job so I wasn't going home. He managed to get her to school and after care apparently didn't go well, but we made it through the day.
Noodles for dinner, it's Abbie's favorite place and Grandma sent her a gift card so she was buying. We get there, park in a REALLY close spot which is cool because it's on campus, order and get our noodles. After the second bite she screams and starts crying, she said her throat hurt, she couldn't swallow without crying. She wanted to leave noodles. SHE NEVER WANTS TO SKIP NOODLES so momma panicked a little. Of course dad is a couple states away on a trip, may as well be in Switzerland...oh wait that's where he was a week or so ago. Anyway we get home, relax on the couch and all is well in the world. She never did eat the noodles.

Today was MUCH MUCH better. I dropped her at a neighbors because Rick is gone and i have to be at work before school drop off. I think that helped a lot, at least it distracted her and her WONDERFUL teacher helped her with the transition to after care.

So today was better than yesterday and this momma is counting on the fact that tomorrow will be better than today...........

ps I think I'm going to really enjoy my new job.