Sunday, March 05, 2006


It's really cool how much she's talking. Just one or two words at a time, but every now and then she really surprises me with something she says. This morning we were hanging out in our room and she walked over to the door and clear as day said "downstairs" Even with a paci a stranger could understand her and it occured to me that she's growing beyond baby talk. She counts, well does every other number count? Like I say one she says two... Can't get her to say the same number as me, but she knows what comes next, that's good right? And she says all her ABC's with me. She repeats every single thing I say, good and bad, really bad sometimes :) I't so hard to remember she's right there listening all the time.

She says Come On too. Once I said it to Rick and smacked my leg so he would know I was tired of waiting so now she does it every time. She knows wake up too, smushes it all into one word, but man it's cute.

Some words she refuses to say a Grandma Loeb knows all too well! It's hysterical, we'll go around the room naming people and things and we get to Grandma and she clams up! Course she only growls for Grandpa so I guess they are even. We've got a photo album with pictures of family in it and she's starting to recognize everyone in there, she does say grandma when she sees the pictures though, such a stinker we have.

Oh we got Dunkin Donuts yesterday and we got donut holes, she was scared of them! Wouldn't let me give her one, even said yicky! When I wasn't looking though she took one out of the box and apparently they aren't so yucky! Did you know that they have jelly holes now!

It snowed today so I'll try to take pictures of her in the snow and post them. Well if it doesn't melt too quickly. Hard to believe it wsa 60 on Thursday.

Happy Sunday.

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